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Some great things to keep on hand at all times is protein in bulk or microwavable protein like precooked fajita meat or Tyson chicken strips and frozen veggies. That way when things get busy, you have a quick and easy healthy meal!


Salads are filling, nutritious and super quick and easy! Start with a solid protein source like grilled chicken. Then you can add lots of salad fixings like cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli sprouts, mushrooms, carrots, etc. Try to avoid things like croutons, French onion strips and things like that. If you like avocado, nuts and seeds, plan for them because the calories can add up. Go with a low calorie dressing like balsamic vinegar, light ranch, skinny girl or any other low calorie dressing.

Stir Fries

Heat some veggies and protein up in a skilled using some Bragg's liquid aminos (soy sauce substitute). Cauliflower rice is a great alternative to regular rice here!


Make a wrap of your choice with sandwich meat or some of your bulk made protein with lettuce, veggies and a low calorie condiment like mustard or a low calorie dressing. Cut Da Carb is a great low calorie wrap.


Crunchy or soft make for a well balanced meal! If you use ground meat, keep the calories down with something like 96/4 ground beef or 97/3 lean ground turkey. Try to find a low calorie or low carb tortilla to help keep the carbs and calories down as well. Add some cheese, salsa and other taco condiments and enjoy!


Get a low calorie bread like Sara Lee 45 calorie bread, lots of lunch meat, some cheese and a low calorie condiment like light mayo or mustard!

Flatout Pizzas

Use Flatout pizza breads and make all different kinds! 

  • BBQ chicken pizza

    • Flatout pizza bread

    • Grilled chicken breast

    • Mozzarella cheese

    • Stubbs original bbq sauce

  • Buffalo chicken pizza

    • Flatout pizza bread

    • Grilled chicken breast

    • Feta cheese

    • Frank’s hot sauce

  • Pepperoni pizza

    • Flatout pizza bread

    • Turkey or regular pepperoni (any toppings are good on this)

    • Ragu pizza sauce

    • Mozzarella cheese


Use a low calorie bun, low calorie condiments like lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, turkey bacon, cheese, mustard, light mayo or sugar free ketchup! You can keep the calories down by using chicken burgers, lean ground beef or ground turkey!

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