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Congratulations on making it through your first 10 days with us! If it was a little overwhelming, that is ok! We don't expect you to be perfect and have this down 100%! The goal was to introduce you to the skills that we have found will provide you the foundation to see the best progress with us! The more questions you ask and the more effort you put in to watch the videos and read through the documents, the faster you will get this down and get you to your goal in the most efficient way possible! On the resources page, you will find the full list of the skills that we sent you during your first 10 days. Watch them as many times as you need to and if you have any questions, text us anytime and we can walk you through it! 

Here are a couple of VITAL reminders:

  1. Getting accuracy down is goal #1! We can't properly guide you or adjust your targets unless we have accurate information! Use us to verify your logging anytime! 

  2. Communication is key! The more you communicate your questions and concerns, the more we can help! You aren't in this alone! We want to hear from you! 

  3. Make it fun! Find food you enjoy, use your natural competitive nature to set little challenges for yourself and take it one day at a time! 

  4. This is a marathon and not a sprint! Our program promotes health and longevity! No quick fixes here! 


Take advantage of the Resources page, the Facebook community page and your coaches to get the skills down and see the best progress! 


We will be giving you our best effort at all times so we expect the same from you! Put in the effort to watch the videos, ask questions and remember that you are paying us to help! We can't help unless you participate and communicate! 


Have the best week and thank you again for trusting MacroWorks to serve you with your health and nutrition needs! 

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