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Weekly Assessment Walkthrough

What we need from you to do your assessment:

  1. Have your lowest weight from last week and your lowest weight from this week handy. The easiest place to track it is in MyFitnessPal. The dates that we need from you are on the form. We need your lowest weight from those days. 

  2. If you are unsure of what we need, scroll down and watch the assessments walkthrough video. It shows you pictures of the screenshots that we need, how to set up your app and a video of what we need!

  3. You need to do an assessment every week if possible! It is how we keep you moving in the right direction! 

Assessment day is Monday so you can send in your assessment Sunday evening AFTER you have finished logging or Monday before 12 to guarantee that you get your assessment back on Monday. If you submit after 12 noon central time on Tuesday, it may not be looked at so make sure to send it in on time!

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