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Got a smartphone? Why not have a
nutrition coach in your pocket?
MacroWorks Nutrition provides busy individuals with a nutrition and lifestyle plan that they can use to meet their personal goals and improve overall health through education and accountability.

The world we live in puts out confusing and hard to stick with nutrition information. If only there was an easy to follow program where you can eat real food, learn balance so you can enjoy social events with friends and family and still reach your health goals and sustain fantastic results! You are in luck! If you choose MacroWorks Nutrition you’ll be getting:

Reasons Why Weight Loss May Be Right For You! 

  • You may be dealing with a health issue that can be improved by losing weight such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, hormonal issues, etc.

  • You want to feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

  • Maybe you just want to run and play with your kids, friends, family, dogs, etc

If this is you

If you choose MacroWorks Nutrition you’ll be getting:

  • Custom targets leading you to YOUR personal goals! 

  • Access to a community of like minded individuals!

  • 365 day a year personal check ins for accountability and feedback!

  • Educational videos, pdf’s, infographics and expert advice from a certified nutrition coach!

Happy girl texting on a smart phone in a

What's My Investment



  • No contracts so you can cancel anytime!

  • ​100% money back guarantee within your first 30 days!

/per month​


  1. Click Start Now and fill out the client questionnaire.

  2. Receive your starting email and an introductory text with your custom targets.

  3. Start your journey by beginning to track and log your food and drinks.

  4. Receive expert guidance to meet your custom targets and refine the skills needed to be successful!


I want to say THANK YOU!!! I am now in a size 2 jeans. I have NOT worn that size since my 1st year of college (a LLLOOONGGG time ago), and you helped me along the way. Going from a size 12 to a 2 in a year and a half THANK YOU THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!

Ronda Rushing

I have not been in the 130s since my sports days in high school! I am so dang excited 🤩🤩🤩 I honestly didn't think I'd ever see that number again before I started this!

Jaycee Sonnier

I signed up for Macroworks after many failed attempts of yo-yo dieting fads and trying to figure out macros on my own. BEST decision I've ever made. A little over 3 months in and I not only hit my goal weight, but have decided to make another goal for myself, one I thought I'd never hit but now I know I'll do it!! The amazing one on one coaching is exactly what I needed to succeed. I know that anytime I have questions,  I can reach out and talk to someone LIVE that genuinely cares,  not a robot. The accountability and community is amazing and helps me stay on track day after day!! So thankful for Macroworks and the way its changed life 🙏 for the 1st time in a long time, I'm confident in my own skin and have confidence I can do anything I put my mind too 🙌🙌

Laura Cain


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