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We are thankful for each person that we get the opportunity to work with and we don’t take the fact that you are putting your trust in us lightly! We want to share our philosophy, goals and expectations with you!

Our goal isn’t for you to do things like us! Our goal is for you to be even better! We want you to be the best and healthiest version of yourself for you and for your families, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, pets, etc! 😂 Our vision is to lead a revolution against obesity and disease! The way we plan to do that is by equipping each person we get the opportunity to serve with the tools to get healthy themselves and give them the confidence and knowledge to pay it forward and lead others to do the same!

We believe in leading by example! Through this journey we will be doing it right alongside you

because how can we expect you to do something we aren’t doing ourselves!

We ask that you:

  • Be coachable! We have done and seen almost any situation you will go through and have plans to navigate each one! Our goal is to gain your trust and get you the results you want and deserve!

  • Give us your best effort! We expect you to watch and read through the fundamental skills list videos and documents. They are made to get you up to speed quickly! Use the tools we teach and ask questions if you don't understand!

  • Give us feedback on anything you have a question or concern about! We want to hear your struggles, your wins, what works best for you and anything you ever feel like sharing!

  • Communicate to the best of your ability! There will be times when you feel like you want to ignore our texts because you may be struggling or off track. That is the time that we NEED to talk! We are here to help and we will never judge you in any way!

  • Give us and yourself grace when it’s needed! We are all human and will make mistakes!

Here is what you can expect from us!

  • Honesty and integrity!

  • 100% ownership of any mistakes!

  • Being supportive and encouraging!

  • Constructive criticism! There will never be a time where we shame you, criticize you or give up on you! If you ever feel treated that way through a text message, let’s schedule a call and clear things up! ❤

  • Our best effort because that’s what you deserve!

That being said, we expect the same in return! We are a team here and everything we ask of you will be in your best interest and never ours! We will be sharing our faith through this as well so I apologize in advance if that makes you uncomfortable! We hope that doesn’t turn you away from us! Thank you again and if you ever need anything or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! 🤗

Thank you again!

-Coach Burg and Coach Trey

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