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A day in the life of a MacroWorks client!

  1. Wake up and weigh yourself and then log that weight in MyFitnessPal everyday. Click the link to see how to track your weight in MyFitnessPal. How Track Your Weight in MyFitnessPal

  2. Best practice for logging is to plan out your entire day if possible. That way you know you are going to hit your targets! If you need guidance with this, reach out and we would be happy to help! We can help you navigate even the busiest of days!

  3. Log everything you eat or drink (food, drinks, supplements, gummy vitamins, fish oil, etc) Try your best to log before you eat or as you are eating so information isn’t forgotten. Weighing your food will be the most accurate way to know exactly how much you will be eating! If you are eating a prepackaged meal or a meal that can be found from a restaurant’s online menu or app, you can find a log in MyFitnessPal that matches the package or the restaurant’s nutritional information. If you are unable to find the exact nutrition info, you will log using the 1.25 overestimation method which you will be learning very soon! 

  4. Once you are done logging for the day, you will take a screenshot of your day view Calorie and Macro pages and for the first 10 days you will send screenshots of your food diary and text them to (432) 234-4702. The diary screenshots are required for the first 10 days so we can spot inaccuracies and help with food quality struggles. The best time to send your screenshots will be at the end of the day or as soon as you are done logging. To get to your Calorie and Macro pages in MyFitnessPal click MORE, then Nutrition, then take a screenshot of each page. If we don’t receive screenshots from you, we will message you the next day to check in with a friendly reminder. Your screenshots should look like this.


Assessments are on Mondays

On Mondays, we will do a weekly assessment where we review your week’s progress by filling out a short questionnaire which we will send to you on Sunday afternoon!

Data is Huge With This Process

We will be tracking your days logged so we can see where you may be struggling, what works for you, keeping up with your consistency and making sure we are communicating and seeing the movement you are working hard for!

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