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MacroWorks Helpful Tip! Accuracy and Why It's Important!

First, when we ask you to do an accuracy review, it's not us accusing you of lying! It's us taking a look at a typical day for you and making sure there isn't something small you are missing that is keeping you from frustration, stalls and heartache! It is the first skill that you should be focusing on because without accurate data to go by, we can't give you proper guidance or adjustments to keep you moving in the right direction!

Second, if you think you are bothering us with meal pics that you need verification on how you logged then, you are wrong! It gives you piece of mind, builds our relationship and also shows us how much you want this when you take a picture of your meal, log it like you think you should and then send me your meal pic and a screenshot of how you logged it! It's super simple to do and one of the main parts of being successful with this program!

Let's remove the obstacle of accuracy from your life! Use your scale when you need to, use the 1.25 method when you need to and create accurate homemade recipes! Don't know how to do that, text us or schedule a call! Our only goal is to help!

Have the best day!

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