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MacroWorks Helpful Tip! Stress!

Stress is something we all deal with! It makes sleep difficult, kills will power, is not good for overall health and can be overwhelming if not controlled! So how do we control stress? Here are a few things that relieve stress in a healthy way by getting our feel good hormones firing!

  • Exercise: even just a few minutes a day. Going for walk, doing some pushups, air squats or a full workout all work!

  • Meditation: I like to use either the peloton app if you have it or a free app called Headspace. They have lot’s of different kinds of meditations. Doing 5 minutes in the morning and 5 before bed will be super helpful. Also, doing it for a few minute when you are feeling overwhelmed works really well!

  • Listening to your favorite music

  • Doing a hobby you love

  • Journaling: writing out your feelings is therapeutic and proven to get your feel good hormones firing.

Let's put some or all of these into practice and keep moving toward those health goals!

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