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Negative Nancy's Rarely Win!

When you are having a tough time doing hard things, here is a secret, stop making it hard! I pride myself on the ability to take really hard things or things I don’t want to do and I make them fun! I feel like that is one of the main reasons why I have lost weight but more importantly, made this a lifestyle change and not a task I HAVE TO check off daily! If you have it in your mind that meeting your targets accurately and consistently is a chore, IT IS! If you look at it as a fun daily challenge full of confetti screens and logging streaks, it can be really exciting!

Let me tell you a story about an 18 year old kid who was blessed to have learned that lesson early in life! My senior year in high school and every holiday and summer during college, I dug ditches for a living! Well isn’t that really hard and not much fun? Isn’t it tiring, dirty, hard work and would you even call that couple hundred bucks a week a paycheck? I could have CHOSEN to look at it that way but I didn’t! I chose to look at it as an opportunity to get lots of sun! I made some awesome friends and we listened to great music! Also, it turns out that you get serious guns from swinging a pick ax through rock and caliche!

The point is, life and your daily activities are what you make it! They can be your daily grind or they can be an opportunity! Having to go to work as an electrician, lineman, construction worker can go from being a laborer to a service provider! Being a teacher can go from being that person that shows kids how to pass a standardized test to someone who is molding the future! Being a stay at home parent can go from a sacrifice you are making for the family to an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids because you only get them for a short time! You get the point!

I have met and worked with both sides! The negative Nancy’s rarely get very far! It’s the ones that are always optimistic, kind and innovative that go far! At least in my experience! Life is too short to look for the negative in everything! CHOOSE joy! If you hate logging your food, create meals in MyFitnessPal to make the logging process easier and faster! Create foods for the things you can’t find easily! Eliminate the excuses and obstacles in your life! If you are a great cook, take the time to cook! If you are extremely busy, stop trying to make gourmet 5 course meals! Make a couple of pounds of chicken breast or better yet, buy a couple of pounds of pre-cooked chicken breast, microwave some veggies and dominate some tacos and stir fries! We are here for you anytime you need us! We do know what you go through because we’ve most likely been through it or have worked with those that have and came out successful on the other side! Get past the negative and go WIN!

-Coach Trey

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